Author Topic: Lot's of minis (sidous v2 and european, anakin gold and more) Anakin and Mace FX  (Read 799 times)

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NEW Master Replica .45 Star Wars lightsabers.

All mint in box.

$25 Anakin EP3 ROTS Dark Chrome Star Wars Shop Exclusive.
$40 Anakin EP3 ROTS Gold 5% of total production
$20 Anakin EP3 ROTS standard
$50 Darth Sidious EP3 ROTS custom painted V2 saber (as seen in the dual with yoda) w/custom box art
$30 Darth Sidious EP3 ROTS bright chrome European exclusive.
$20 Luke EP4 ANH lightsaber
$20 Vader EP4 ANH lightsaber
$20 Vader EP5 ESB lightsaber
$20 Vader EP3 ROTS

USED Anakin ROTS Force FX lightsaber.
All LEDs and sound work perfect. Blade and hilt are in very good shape.


USED Mace Windu ROTS Force FX lightsaber
ALL LEDs and Sound word perfect. Blade and hilt are in good shape. Minor visual problems with the battery cap on the end. Battery pack was originally loose, glue was used push the battery pack up higher into the hilt and glue leaked on to the speaker vents. Does not affect function in anyway.


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