Author Topic: Anakin RTS vs Vader ESB  (Read 1655 times)

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Anakin RTS vs Vader ESB
« on: August 15, 2005, 10:22:24 AM »
First of all, let me say if you have it within your power to own an fx-lightsaber, DO IT! I have been a fan for 30 years and have bought all the toy lightsabers because secretly I wanted to be just like the guys in the movies. Every guy that sees star wars has the same feelings, just not all will admit it..

I ordered the Anakin first because after all, that is the one that will one day be given to Luke. As you open the box, the blade is encased in Styrofoam as is the hilt. Underneath is the stand that can either be placed on the top of a shelf or mounted on the wall horizontally.

Well first you must unscrew the hilt end and pull out the battery housing. You have to insert 3 AA batteries and return the housing to the hilt. It will only fit one way. Feeling giddy you are now ready to ignite your saber. On the top of the hilt there is a small rectangular control box.  On the side of the control box is a gold colored "S"shaped thing. Using your thumb you push it forward and WHooooooooosh. The sound is just like from Episode 4 when Luke ignites his dads lightsaber for the first time.  As you swing it left and right the sound reflects the motion.  The speaker is in the bottom of the hilt so do not cover this with your hand.  My little girl is 5 and when she hold the lightsaber ,which takes two hands for her, she often presses the hilt into her tummy which stifles the sound.  The lightsaber is heavy but not near as heavy as the Limited Edition which I also own.  When I compared the fx version to the LE version there is no difference except for the size of the hilt. The fx model is just a touch bigger to allow for the batteries.  Why is the LE so heavy?  Think back to Episode 4.  The characters often fought with two hands on the lightsaber because Lucas said that the weapon was very heavy and only able to be controlled by a Jedi.

As you play with the saber there are a variety of sounds when the blade contacts something. All the sounds are digitized.  I have not had any problems with the clash sounds as I have read about in other articles.  When you power the saber down, the light retract just like in the movie.  At night especially outside it is just two freaking cool to describe.

http://Darth Vader  Having the Anakin model, I HAD to have another saber to dual with but which one?  I have read several negative reviews about the Mace version, so I opted for the Darth Vader Model.  Just like the Anakin version it comes very well packaged and only requires 3 AA batteries.  The ignition switch is on the top of the control box and you slide it forward for on, backwards for off. 
Here is the main difference in the two swords.  The Vader model is slower igniting and powering down. But, not enough to be a problem.  The sound in the Vader model is lower tone and sounds exactly like the movies. When you swing both sabers, you hear two different sounds.

Bottom line, if you can get one get the Anakin version.  If you get it you will have to have a second one and I highly recommend the Vader version.

Hope this helps.

Darth Clayton