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The S.A.B.E.R. GUILD Members & Mission Statement
« on: February 08, 2007, 04:08:13 PM »
Hello to all Saber Enthusiasts!
Witness the formation of the Alliance 8)

With so much going on in the aftermarket it's not always easy to know where you'll
get a good product and good service.

Together we intend to continue up holding the integrity of the Saber Aftermarket as well
as work co-operatively by understanding we are not each others competition, but each an
extension of an entire body of commerce that each specializes in carrying their own unique
product styles and services.

By Creating only high quality parts and providing the required attention to customer service
the following recommended companies and individuals represent a world wide community that
has no intention of over stepping it's bounds as to not infringe on existing licensing.
But by Modifying Customizing Repairing and or Enhancing existing Licensed product in order
to maintain a high level of quality control and give proper credit to and assist in preserving the
integrity of both licensed products as well as authentic vintage and or prop replications.

A lot of research and inspection with the sabers we buy as was well as our own fabrication
so we understand the importance for such inquiries to say the least.

Products from the following Companies have been tested by one or more of it's affiliates and
meet our criteria for quality control.

All companies Listed are in process of being confirmed and such notice will be given upon confirmations.

The Recommended Major manufacturer for Licensed Replicas:

(Force-FX series Lightsaber Replicas, Toys and Collectibles)

eFX Collectibles
(Resin cast static Lightsabers, Helmets and other Collectibles)

Master Replicas out of production
(Force-FX series Lightsaber replicas)

S.A.B.E.R. Guild Members: The Recommended LED Sabers suppliers, installers, repair and conversion specialists:

(Completed Sabers- Graflex IV and V Luxeon Conversions, Custom Vintage conversions)
Installations By (Michael "YODA")

The Customsabershop   (CONFIRMED)
(All available Parts hardware and electronics, for retrofitting MR and Custom Type Hilts- conversion services   
with Custom and Stock Installations performed by (Tim"Strydur" and Mike "Xwingband")

Acerocket's Orbital Machining (CONFIRMED)
C.N.C. Metal Fabrication. Parts Manufacturing, supply for Custom Sabers and other services.
Coming Soon - Future home of something quite cool

Plecter Labs (CONFIRMED)
(LED Conversion systems, Remote Sound and Custom Model Electronics)
Installations By ("Erv")

Vader's Vault   (CONFIRMED)
(Completed Sabers- Custom SW Inspired LED Conversions)
Installations By ("Luminara Unduli and FenderBender")
(Completed Sabers- Custom SW Inspired LED Conversions)

(Completed Sabers- Custom SW Inspired LED Conversions)
Installations By (Darren) Customer Service (Susan)

Genesis Custom Sabers(CONFIRMED)
(Completed Sabers- Custom SW Inspired LED Conversions)
Installations By (madcow)

Sanjuro Systems(CONFIRMED)
(Laser Cutting Services: Acrylic Star Wars Accessories eg. Stands, Holocrons, Discs, etc. )

MH Custom Sabers and Repairs (CONFIRMED)
Electronics Repair, Custom Sabers and other services.
website:TBD  (contact through forum PM messages)

Parks Sabers   (CONFIRMED)
(EL Blades, Special Customs and Original Trilogy Hilt Designs, Replica Graflex, MPP and Mark III Grenade Hilts)
(Grips, Bubble cards, circuit boards, MPP clamps, MPP Emiter shrouds, Control boxes and Custom parts)  Saber Kit - The Ultimate Source for Saber Parts and Creation™

Sithplanet     (CONFIRMED)
(EL Movie Hilts *collector importer* a Parks Sabers affiliate)

The Graflexshop   (CONFIRMED)
(All available Parts hardware and electronics for Graflex and MPP using 3/4th and 1 inch blades)


Saber Accessories (Stand, Mounts, Cases) and Lighting Effects:

(Saber Accessories, Vertical and Horizontal Wall mounts, 1,2 & 3 tier Stands Displays, Engraving & Design Services)

Sanjuro Systems(CONFIRMED)
(Laser Cutting Services: Acrylic Star Wars Accessories eg. Stands, Holocrons, Discs, etc. )

Blast-Tech   (CONFIRMED)
(Grips, Bubble cards, circuit boards, MPP clamps, MPP Emiter shroud etc...etc...)

(Grips, Bubble cards, Custom circuit boards, Misc Kits and Sabers etc...etc...)

Romans Empire Productions (CONFIRMED)
(Special order Custom Mark I - III parts and Misc kits and part supplies)

Jedi Arms Dealer  (CONFIRMED)
(Saber Carrying Cases, Double-Bladed Lightsaber Couplers/Connectors and Miniature LED Focusing Crystal
Lighting Effects)
-seller on eBay-

Cyberplem  (CONFIRMED)
(Hard custom cases for Sabers *limited supply*)
-seller on eBay-

for inquiries, consideration or recommendations please PM administrator YODA ;)

May The Force Be With Us All!


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Re: The S.A.B.E.R. GUILD Members & Mission Statement
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2013, 08:59:44 PM »
2013 Addendum, Public Notice:

Ratified by the S.A.B.E.R. Guild Advisory Committee 1-15-13


Any Guild members' "Intellectual Property" or "Developed Products" that are copied as commissions (for money) by Mining Colony or other
Guild Member(s) is not allowed without prior permission of the original creator/developer/IP holder.


Our Guild members have spent significant time (refining the process) and significant capital investment (funds) in developing these products.
Non-approved products have produced a number of negative long term effects on the Community, including but not limited to, distrust in the market place.
If a member buys one of these copies second hand, under the impression it is a genuine Guild member's product, when indeed that is not the case, then the actual product becomes devalued.  This type of tomfoolery also decrease the incentive for the Guild members to produce runs or invest financially in future innovation.