Author Topic: MR force-fx lightsabers, .45 mini and Hasbro lightsabers for sale!  (Read 1641 times)

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MR Force-FX lightsabers
Anakin ROTS (Metal) display item from Fry's perfect working order. Minor cosmetic wear. $75
Luke ROTJ no copper paint. Perfect working order. Some scratches where copper paint used to be. $75
Vader ESB MR STOCK lightsaber but with fake wires removed w/Ultrasabers Anakin AOTC silver emitter. $80

.45 mini
Maul Battle Damaged $30

Hasbro lightsabers loose
Obi-wan Kenobi AOTC
Darth Vader ROTJ
Qui-gon Jinn TPM
Reverse color scheme (Qui-gon Jinn style)red sith blade

Vader's Vault OSPP stunt "Majesty"
Do-Clo Yoda Lux III Red
Ultrasabers Luke ROTJ Lux III LedEngin 5 watt Green w/emitter upgrade
MR Luke ANH Stock
General Grievous/LDM Mace Windu ROTS TruPurple with windowed emitter
MHS saber \\\"Civil Elegance/Elegant Civility\\\" W.I.P.