Author Topic: Duel worthy ratings for the various types of Lightsaber blades on the market  (Read 7638 times)

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From my experience with all the types of blades I like to stick to a general rule
of dueling against the same type of blade.

component blade vs component blade or film vs film.

Each type of tubing has it's own characteristics and rebound flex so I'd rate them
and pair them as follows...
Level (1-4) Light to Spirited Swordplay
Level (5-7) Spirited Swordpaly to Moderate Dueling
Level (8-10) Moderate Dueling to Heavy Full speed/Dueling

I'd rate the Current Types of Saber Blades as follows considering their relative component

Master Replicas: LED strip type component blade with plastic and foam diffusion.
Polycarbonate Dual Tube (inner 7/8in and outer 1in )
Yoda: thinwalled 3/4inch blade Level 2
Darth Maul: thickwalled 1inch blade Level 5
3 Cell Models: thinwalled 1inch blade Level 4
6 Cell Models: Thinwalled 1 inch blade Level 3

Hyperdyne: LED 3 piece strip type component blade with plastic and foam diffusion.
Nylon Dual Tube (inner 3/4in and outer 1in )  Level 6.5

Luxeon Polycarbonate Blades: Film filtered diffusion hollow blade.
Thinwalled 3/4 inch Level 4
Thinwalled 1 inch Level 6
Thickwalled 1 inch Level 8

Ultra (fiber reinforced) Polycarbonate Blades: Film filtered diffusion hollow blade.
Thinwalled 1 inch Level 7
Thickwalled 1 inch Level 9

Typical Lightweight Boken: Level 7.5 ( untill it starts to crack :D )
Solid Hard Oak Boken (samurai preferably ;)): Level 10

Similar to the way you'd rate Metal blades in practice since you wouldn't use an Aluminum
stage blade against a stainless steel blade and like wise a stainless against a harder steel etc...
Aluminum blades are what is most widely used in movies etc.. because the make better much
better sound than steel ;)

I may post this Level system in a more general area as long as everyone concurs
that the strength levels are similar to your own experiences.


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I meant to do that :D

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