Author Topic: Star Wars related reenactments or anything?  (Read 742 times)

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Star Wars related reenactments or anything?
« on: December 14, 2006, 09:33:25 PM »
Just a question.  I'm part of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) here in the Kingdom of Atlantia (Maryland, VA, NC, SC).  We are part of a medieval reenactment that covers all cultures prior to the 1600s.  For example, my personna is 1550 Japanese.

One of the things we do, is we have live action fighting and it is based on an honor system. This is called "heavy combat" and consists of people making armor out of various materials, and utilizing weapons made from 1 1/2 inch rattan. Where due to the calibration of the blow and it's location, we state whether the blow was "good" or "light" and then if it was a killing blow, a blow that would take an arm, a leg, or anything else. 

We also have light combat where the opponents have "fencing" style weapons, or musketeer style blades called "schlagers".  This too is honor based. 

What I mean by honor based, is that it's your opponent that determines if you have landed a "telling blow" or not.

Combat can be one on one, or in giant melees, with up to hundreds on a side at some of the larger events.

I was wondering, aside from the 501st, is there any organized "Star wars reenactment groups" that have formed and do something similar.  Where they actually have live fighting at events in giant melees or single combat. 

I know that one event i went to for the SCA, had multiple kingdoms fighting against each other.  I'm talking hundreds of people on a side fighting in "castle battles", "bridge battles", and various other scenarios.  In the end, the kingdom who wins of course gets the accollades.

I just think that a reenactment like this for the Star Wars genre would be great.  For safety, people could even where protective head covering (Like Kendo helmets) and utlize the MR conversion blades that are out there.

For those of you that also participate in the SCA, you can see where I"m going with this and how awesome it would be. 

You could come to an event and camp with your "base" of operations....Sith, Dark Jedi, Trade Federation, Jedi, etc.  Various activities could be run throughout the 2-3 days event.  Mock fights of known battles could be fought, to see if history still stayed true, or could history be rewritten. 

Sorry, just wishing I could do some of my heavy and light fighting here in Star Wars instead.  LOL....