Author Topic: Korbanth OWK for sale.  (Read 790 times)

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Korbanth OWK for sale.
« on: 1 year ago »
Selling a korbanth OWK. Purchased from TCSS.
Empty hilt. the only thing i have done is glue the led's into the bezels and the gem  into the brass screw.
Just needs installing but i haven't got the time.

Cost me £210 shipped from the US with customs and UPS charges.
Will take £200 as its as new.

UK only Bank transfer or Paypal (friends and family)

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Re: Korbanth OWK for sale.
« Reply #1 on: 2 weeks ago »
Hi there, I know it’s a year since you posters but I’m interested to see if you still have the hilt? Are you only shopping within the UK? I’m in New York. Thanks for reading.