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FS: VV/JQ Starkiller First Run 25 of 25 OSPP
« on: September 10, 2019, 03:53:18 PM »
It's a sad day, but I've got to let this one go.

CFv5 with original release font and boot package (boots provided courtesy of Avvatar)
LEDengin 10W RGGB with VV spectacular OSPP set up for a dramatic greenish-white FOC
Genuine amythest raw quartz crystal (Not the treated version), back-lit with a blade matching purple accent LED
Purple Abalone shell in the 'glass eye' greeblie
Purple LED in the pommel
Custom VV real crystal blade plug
Clean, un-weathered finish
Original Halon Customs mirrored stand
32" VV dual diffused blade with shine through tip.

Font Package:
TFU Starkiller
Episode V remastered
Episode II
Episode III Sidious

*BONUS* At one point I had considered upgrading this saber with a new board and color extender. This never happened, but I do still have a brand new, unopened, Crystal Focus Saber Core v6.50 and CEX board that I will include with this saber. Shown in photo (sorta, still in sealed mylar packaging)

Price: $1200. Too high? Make an offer.

Package includes the hilt, blade plug, blade, charger, stand and belt clip. 

This hilt has NEVER been dueled with or dropped.

Speaker was replaced when the original went out.

One small nick on the black ribbing. Shown in photo.

Some patina on thumb screw from age. Shown in photo.

Tiny bit of powdercoating overspray at "power port". Came this way. Shown in photo.

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