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« on: September 05, 2019, 08:20:10 AM »

What are your thoughts about the upcoming MANDALORIAN tv show?

Are you guys going to buy the Disney Plus service to be able to watch this show?

I'm a bit upset they just announced they are going to introduce the First Order in the show,... seemingly 'forcing' us to endure the beginnings of the First Order (even though no one cares about the FO). I just can't take when the story is changed to prop up the weak new trilogy.

Other than that, it looks like this show will be amazing.

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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2019, 09:46:32 AM »
I'm all in for The Mandalorian.  I loved the trailer and am looking forward to the visuals of a post-empire era. What comes to my mind is what I think will run similarly parallel to what the post-Hussein era of Iraq looked like. I'm not going to go into a political dialogue here, but the idea of one government being overthrown while simultaneously trying to usher in a new government is something I am looking forward to seeing in the background of this show and what I really enjoyed most in regard to the Aftermath novels. 

Now, as far as The Mandalorian character himself, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how close to the Mandalorian culture Pedro Pascal's character is from what we've seen in Rebels and TCW. Will the Dark Saber make some sort of appearance?  If so, how?   

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« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2019, 02:44:56 PM »
I'm approaching it with caution. Not because I have that much issue with the new trilogy, Disney, TLJ, or any of the "usual" current fanboy complaints, but because I'm still not quite at peace with what George Lucas did to Mandalorian lore in the Clone Wars.

To clarify: I really liked the Mandalorian culture as fleshed out by Karen Traviss in her novels. the Republic Commando books were some of my favourite parts of the old Legends canon. I did not like it when George Lucas decided to retcon and erase all that to replace it with a planet that's having a political crisis with some odd parallels to 1930s-40s European fascist movements.

I did not exactly enjoy the Mandalorian TCW or Rebels arcs, thanks to that. Begrudgingly, though, I have to admit the Art Deco fanboy in me really enjoyed the artistic decisions the animators took in illustrating the new Mando culture, but that's about all I can say in favour of the new.

That said, I'll still end up watching it. probably not all that legally, though. If anything, I'm more stoked about Kenobi's grand return to the screen than anything.
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