Author Topic: Hasbro Force FX sabre hilt scratches  (Read 1913 times)

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Hasbro Force FX sabre hilt scratches
« on: August 28, 2019, 12:40:06 PM »
Hi everyone.
So I recently acquired the Luke Skywalker ANH sabre from the black series line, it was new in the box and when i opened it there were a few scratches on the hilt (the safety stickers were also hanging off of the glue that they should have been attached to). I contacted Hasbro and they said that there's no way to repair it and offered to give me a Darth Maul sabre in exchange for Luke's (I turned this offer down).
Just wondering if there's anyone who knows of a good way to repair/buff out the scratches. I'm open to sending it out to a business to repair if this is the best way.