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Saberfont / Repulse Announcement!
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:38:02 PM »
As many of you may know, I ( LINK ) Have been making soundfonts for a long time!! As of recently I started a new site called Repulse! There is where all my new fonts are hosted.. BUT! All my old fonts are still on Saberfont. A lot of you in the community would love to see some of those old works updated to incorporate Smooth Swing. Well ladies and gentlemen, Today I am announcing that I will in fact be updating some of my older fonts!!! I'm not ready to announce WHICH fonts or How Many fonts... but rest assured I will look at everything and try to update some of the favorites!! Lastly and very importantly, Saberfont has always been an awesome site with amazing fonts from a ton of bad xxx creators!! And I want to support that! So all my old fonts will still stay on Saberfont while all my new works will be hosted on Repulse!  I will update everyone as soon as I can on which old fonts are getting updated and when. It wont be too long because CFX is coming out!  So stay tuned everyone! There's plenty more coming out of Saberlink Studios and Repulse Custom Sounds in the future!!! As always, Thank you for your continued support and May the Force be with You!!!