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I wanted to share my personal Korbanth Crossguard 2.0.  This is a Proffieboard neopixel saber with dual 21700 batteries controlled by a SPDT 3-position switch.  I have one 21700 in the top portion of the hilt and the second is in the reveal chamber section along with the ON-OFF-ON switch to toggle between batteries and turn the saber off.  I have a full build thread on TCSS and TRA under Fett263.

Here's the basic wiring diagram:

And here's what it looks like, it's not pretty on the inside but works great, can go for a couple of hours at an event without needing to recharge or swap batteries.

I also made all of the necessary accuracy upgrades to the hilt:
  • KR Sabers accuracy kit
  • Gustavo's emitter insert printed in metal
  • Goth's Pommel Insert
  • theProplicator's clear greebles
  • (3) M3 button head screws added to the body
  • Painted pommel ring black (instead of silver)

For the neopixel blades I opened up the side ports to 7/8 inch and am using theProplicator's unstable quillions and main sleeve:

And using the Proffieboard I have developed my own unstable effects and also implemented Localized Lockup, which allows for a much more screen accurate lockup.  Instead of the entire blade changing color, only the cross-section of the blades are affected and they spark and flash like in the films while the rest of the blade remains the standard color and effects.  Here's a few videos of the effects I'm running on the Proffieboard:

Comparison to film reference:

Quick demo of Localized Lockup duel (with my son):

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