Author Topic: Trade Federation Rules Amendment 2018  (Read 677 times)

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Trade Federation Rules Amendment 2018
« on: December 13, 2018, 06:12:11 PM »
Hello everyone

Updated Rule amendment to section 3

Your Item for sale must include an initial selling price. (no open to offers posting)
however, Like ebay you can post buy it now at your stated price or best offer.
(if best offer is accepted please post it in the thread/topic in order to protect/validate your sale)

Originally Offers were lumped in with auctions and raffles and you still can't post
a sales thread just asking for offers with out a starting price, but we have made
it more clear in the rules that like ebay you can have an initial price and accept offers.
We do ask that if you accept an offer you and the customer post this in the topic so
you have a paper trail (although digital) to assist you in the event of a conflict.

Please remember these rules are not to hinder but to simply help protect fans doing business
with fans online :cool:

YODA :yoda: