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Font names and themes
« on: March 29, 2019, 04:56:55 PM »
Hey guys! 
I've received some DMs from some folks who might be confused about my font names and have had trouble finding font themes they enjoy.
So you guys know, Saberfont is not allowed to have names or descriptions that violate copyright/trademark on the fonts.
As font makers, we have to respect these laws and rules in order to bring you all the content you enjoy.
So I compiled a list of all my fonts and gave them a reference/description.
This has also been posted to my own page on facebook as a pinned post.
Be sure to go on to find mine and all the hard work that font makers bring to your sabers!
Always looking out,

Alien Queen- (Alien)

But Now I See- (Kota TFU)

Chime 2.0- (Original work)

Daddy Issues- (Luke ROTJ)

Dark Lords Awakened- (Sith theme)

Death- (Darksiders 2)

Fates Ryoma- (Fire Elmblem)

Grand Legacy- (Satele Shan) SMOOTHSWING ready

Silverwind - (Samurai theme)

The Lesson of Betrayal- (Traya KOTOR) SMOOTHSWING ready

The Negotiator- (General Kenobi) SMOOTHSWING ready

Treason- (Pong Krell CW)

Tried and True (Graflex sounds)

Universal Century Saber- (Gundam)

Vengeance Starkiller- (TFU Ultimate Sith)

Vikings- (AMC Vikings)

War- (Darksiders 1)

When There's Nothing Left- (Vader)

*As more are completed this list will update!

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Re: Font names and themes
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 01:16:37 AM »
very good idea ! thanks for posting this one. Maybe a more general "dictionary" of fonts could be elaborated from the Sabefont catalog ?