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Multiple Sabers for sale
« on: February 02, 2019, 02:17:58 PM »
Selling Multiple Sabers. No trades, please.

Saberforge Fury with NBv4 + PEX. $399 Full specs below.

• Saberforge’s Fury Hilt (Weathered)
• NECree RGB LED from Naigon’s Electronic Creations
Nano Biscotte V4 Soundboard with Power Extender holds up to 3 saber profiles at once! Each profile can be configured for a different color with its own soundfont.
• Activation Switch with Purple LED Ring.
• An In-hilt recharge port makes it easy to recharge your battery.
• Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery with JST Connectors. The JST connectors make the battery easy to remove or replace, with no soldering required! This is important because lithium-ion batteries will only last between two and five years on average. Even someone with no technical expertise can easily replace this battery when the time comes. This also means you can buy extra batteries now to extend the run time on the lightsaber; ideal for cosplay or conventions.
• 2W 8ohm 28mm Bass Speaker produces great sound.
• A matching weathered Elite Blade Plug from Saberforge is included.

Blade & charger not included.

Complete album of the Fury with full-sized pictures here SF Weathered Fury - Album on Imgur

Saberforge Bastion with NBv3. $249 Full specs below.

Saberforge Bastion (Weathered)
Red, Red, White Tri-CREE LED for a Red blade with White Flash on Clash.
Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte v3 features 2 Customizable sound fonts.
28mm Speaker is LOUD
In-hilt Recharge port for easy convenience
Red Illuminated AV Switch (wired to turn off in Deep Sleep to save battery)
Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 10A High Drain 3200mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery
Battery is connected via JST connectors so it is removable/replaceable without soldering; ideal for cosplay, conventions, etc.
Blade plug included
Note: Does not come with blade or charger.

The Bastion is a great hilt for spinning and tricks since it has no greebles, control boxes, etc. to interfere with your grips.

Complete album with full-sized pictures here SF Weathered Bastion - Album on Imgur

Saberforge Commando with Warsabers Cerberus Core soundboard. SOLD Full specs below.

I know the Cerberus Core is not as well known as the Plecter or NEC boards, but people seem to put it almost on par with the Crystal Focus from Plecter Labs (See link here). Here is a quick rundown of its features:
* Unlimited Sound Fonts (Plecter Compatible)
* Unlimited Colors (via Tri-Cree RGB)
* Maximum brightness of all colors until the battery dies (board regulates current like a Crystal Focus. All other boards on the market use resistors and direct drive, which is less efficient and less bright)
* Sound effects supported include the power on, power off, swings, clashes, spins, stabs, Force effects, blaster blocks, lockup, and custom combos.
* Very responsive motion sensitivity for swings, clashes, spins, etc.
* Change colors during use by holding both buttons.
* Onboard menu allows you to change colors with button 1, while button 2 switches fonts and sound volume (including mute).
* Deep sleep mode means no kill key is necessary.
* Lighted AV switches will blink when the battery runs low and needs recharging.
* Recharges via micro-USB.
* Hook up to the computer via micro-USB to modify the settings and soundfonts OR use the removable micro-SD card.
* Upgradable via Firmware. As they release new firmware, updates are as simple as putting the new file onto the microSD card.

This Commando also has:
* Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 10A 3200mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery
* Saber Essentials 28mm Speaker (Best on the market)
* Matching Blade plug

Saberforge Hero Tier is $600 for an NEC Spark Color board; the Warsabers Cerberus board is a significant upgrade from that.

Complete album with full-size pictures of the Commando here SF Commando - Album on Imgur
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