Author Topic: Feedback for starwars3510 scam  (Read 1329 times)

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Feedback for starwars3510 scam
« on: August 10, 2018, 11:56:02 PM »
starwars3510 Member bought my saber. I packed it very well and it worked fine when it left.. he received it and said it didn’t work. He started a PayPal dispute. I asked him to send it back and I would refund. He refused to send the item back and he actually won the pay pal case. I appealed the decision and they sided with him for a second time. So now I’m out 700 dollars and don’t have my saber back. He got a free saber with RGB LED and sound. Cf7 board. Very upset. He stopped responding to my emails and messages. DO NOT SELL TO THIS MEMBER....starwars3510

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Re: Feedback for starwars3510 scam
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2018, 04:31:31 AM »
Devastating to hear sorry

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Re: Feedback for starwars3510 scam
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2018, 07:51:56 AM »
Provide his name and shipping address so if it shows up under a different account we will know. Unfortunately this is where the hobby has ended up, with the dregs of society.
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Re: Feedback for starwars3510
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2018, 09:29:30 PM »
Hello to both Praster89 and starwars3510

Praster89 - we can not allow someones personal information to be posted online so sorry but I had to remove that post.
Please PM me any correspondence with Paypal you have for this to see if I can help.

starwars3510 - I received your Pm message about the dispute and the paypal discussion you presented and will reply to you.

This seems to be a paypal communication issue but regardless because the payment was refunded the saber should be sent back.

This thread will remain open temporarily and is under investigation.

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Re: Feedback for starwars3510 scam
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2018, 03:28:45 AM »
Praster89 did you record a tracking number with Paypal and arrange the sale as Goods and Services?
I'm curious because this is a really scary thing to have happen as a seller so I always felt that having a tracking number recorded is proof of delivery, and if paypal were to investigate any claim they should be able to see the item was delivered. It'd be helpful for any seller to know how this turns out so we're able to cover ourselves as best as we can.