Author Topic: WTB: MR/Hasbro Anakin Parts (activation box/clamp, pommel, covertec clip, grips)  (Read 354 times)

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Hello Everyone. Im reviving one of my old builds on a custom anakin ep3-4 saber im making, but all I can find is my naked hilt. I was hoping one of you fine force sensitive folk might have some spare parts lying around for the Master Replicas or hasbro Anakin ep3 saber. I am primarily looking for the "clamp" which is likely the most important piece that I cant really replace. A pommel that fits the Ep3 Ani would help as well, and if someone also has an extra covertec clip or rubber grips that fit the thicc hasbro saber id be open to those as well. Id be willing to settle on a luke/rey clamp as long as you can show me that it fits on the anakin saber. The hasbro/MR sabers have always been a bit bigger than replicas so Im mainly looking for one that fits, although the exact piece would be best. Really appreciate any offers, and thanks for looking!
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