Author Topic: Obscure tools, tips & tricks of the trade  (Read 4723 times)

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Re: Obscure tools, tips & tricks of the trade
« Reply #60 on: December 27, 2018, 07:37:53 AM »
Not really obscure but definitely not common. USB microscope.

This was a pic taken from it, but the beauty is in the live feed to your computer screen. The image is HUGE!! I use Quicktime on Mac.

Do you use this to solder wires onto your boards?  And does it help?

Also: This thread is amazing.  I am enjoying DarkMatter's drill bit; it's much smaller than my contraption involving a hole cutter that fits into sink tube, the MHS sink-tube adapter, and then whatever MHS parts I screw into that. I have a blank 2" blade holder which I have converted into a tool to spin blades for sanding.  I find that a clear blade with a sanded outside and either another trans blade or blade film inside the clear, sanded blade gives a nice core+halo effect.

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Re: Obscure tools, tips & tricks of the trade
« Reply #61 on: December 29, 2018, 07:42:52 AM »
Using electro etching/saltwater etching as a layout technique for shaping with hand tools [/b][/size]
As a corollary to this, you can etch pilot spots for your drilling rather than punching.  It works pretty well and will give you a really nice level of accuracy.  Even if you etch your layout you can cut your vinyl to include the pilot holes, and do a first etch just etching the holes, then do a second etch for the broader details.