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Korbanth Saber news Sept. 14 - 2018 lots to read on
« on: September 14, 2018, 09:14:07 PM »
Greetings, sorry that I've not been around, It seems Facebook saber groups have my attention, and well, 90% of those here are there, but I wanted to discuss some cool new things here -  so if you've seen this already, then read on, because lots of new topics

Topic 1 -  This year we got into our hands the LS6-Gullwing,  and the Crossguard 2.0, and SID 2.0 and the Graflex 3.0 reveal, and The new IMPROVED version of the DM1, which is the double sided saber with better functionality, and the Y3 saber -      I still have all of these 2017-2018 sabers in stock for purchase at Korbanth - Sabers, Costumes, Models and Props -  Also you can still get the Graflex 2.5, MPP 2.0, K4, OWK,  and DV6 sabers while limited quantities are still in hand...

Topic 2 - In the next few months, I will be having new sabers being made by my two new saber partners, 89sabers and LDM sabers -   You can expect 7 new models of sabers by end of this 2018 year. 

Sabers -

Skinny Flex - based on the EP3 anakin hilt
OWK3 -  based on the EP3 Obiwan hilt
DV3   - based on the EP3 Vader hilt
AOTC Anakin -  From Attack of the Clones
Ben8 -  based on the briefly seen Ben SOLO padawan hilt
Starkiller - New saber from The Force Unleashed game
Dook - The curved hilt version 2 -  you know the one

I will have prototypes in hand anywhwere from October to November, and I wont start taking preorder deposits until I have prototypes in hand to show you, but these will ALL be limited runs of 75-100 and once I show off the prototypes, I will open orders, but you'll know far in advance when these go on sale... all of these will have maximum space for installs and great news, none of the above has park sabers written anywhere on them... (YEAH!!!!)

topic 3 - Looking for good prices on sabers?   on my website at Korbanth - Sabers, Costumes, Models and Props - I have three different SABER BUNDLES -  Bundle 1 is the Prequels - choose from DM1, or SID 2.0, or Y3, or the OWK - any 3 sabers for $450.00

Bundle 2 - Original Series bundle - choose from Graflex 2.5, MPP 2.0, K4, DV6 or LS6-Gullwing - any three you want for $450.00

Bundle 3 - Sequal Bundle - Get a Crossguard 2.0 and ANY other 2 sabers you want for $500.00 - can be from DM1, SID 2.0, Y3, OWK, Graflex 2.5, MPP 2.0, K4, DV6, LS6-Gullwing sabers

Topic 4 - Installed sabers - I have close to 85 installed sabers, boxed, and shelved and ready to send - from $475 to $549 -  no long 4-6 week build wait times, installed ready to go - Graflex 2.5, MPP 2.0, K4 (both clean and weathered), OWK,  DV6,  LS6-Gullwing - both V1 Hero or V2 stunt,  Y3, DM1,  and SID 2.0 all in stock ready...take a look, click on Installed Sabers

So again, I thank all of you who has supported me over the years, with new vendors, new support, new sabers and excellent low, low prices on yesterdays product, the rest of 2018 and into 2019 will be a great time to be a saber collector.

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