Author Topic: Saberforge Bane MKII with Prizm V5.1 and Plecter Pixel Neopixel 7/8 Blade  (Read 1926 times)

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Saberforge Bane MK II




Lightsaber Specs:

-Saberforge Bane MKII Hilt
-Plecter Labs Prizm V5.1
-TCSS Neopixel connector
-Lighted buttons
-3.7v 3500 mah Lithium Ion 10 amp battery pack by Orbtronic
-2.1 mm recharge port
-R.I.C.E. connection port onboard
-2 watt bass speaker
-Custom Neopixel Saberforge Blade plug with TCSS blade side connector

Custom Neopixel 7/8 Inch Blade Specs:
-Over 250 Adafruit Neopixels
-TCSS blade side connector
-TCSS blade tube 7/8
-35 inches long
-TCSS pointed blade tip
-TCSS/KR Sabers 7/8 inch foam


Will it fit?

An early test:



Saberforge Bane MkII Plecter Pixel Neopixel for David - YouTube
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I'm afraid the deflector shield with be quite operational when your friends arrive.


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Looks amazing sir.

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Dude, that looks simply amazing.

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Certainly a tricky install, performed masterfully, as ever! First mentioning of an SF hilt without anyone ranting too, as a side note. I think this hilt looks awesome. And not ashamed to tell so.