Author Topic: New Font: Longclaw- A Saber of Ice and FIre: Valyrian Steel Edition by Novastar  (Read 1914 times)

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Novastar and I collaborated on a font:

LONGCLAW- A Saber of Ice and FIre.

This is for Game of Thrones fans. The font is made to resemble the character of the sword: Longclaw and the character of Jon Snow in particular. You'll find a bunch of hidden sounds and spectacular spin and stab sounds, too, in this very dense and rich font.

SOUNDFONT: LONGCLAW- A Saber of Ice and Fire: Valerian Steel Edition - YouTube

A Saber of Ice & Fire (LongClaw) - SOUND FONTS by Novastar - YouTube

Available soon on
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Nice work! I may have to use this as an option for a current (top secret, as usual) work in progress.

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I like that especially the name a saber of fire and ice  :cool:  very nice.

Great ignition sounds!
This would go really nice with an Excalibur Broadsword type hilt with a yellow blade
and it would definitely need a glowing astro-glabe for a pommel on the saber :grin: