Author Topic: Force Relics Vortex and Mech Vortex 1 inch blade plug  (Read 1486 times)

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Hi y'all,

Force Relics presents :

Vortex :

Mech Vortex :

Some pics :

Vortex :

Mech Vortex :

A couple of 1 inch 3D printed blade plugs as seen in the vids. Color : white.
I have 1 of each in hand and NO, i can't take any orders at this point.

They are 18 USD/piece + shipping. If you have interest for our Force Relics kill key, we can combine shipping.

Shipping to almost anywhere with standard Belgian postal services 'bpack world light' (weight : 350gr or less) : 11 USD

Any takers ? Let us know by either pm or mail.  :)

E-mail :

Payment instructions :

paypal :
Put your forum name, real name and shipping adress in the Paypal message box and i'll get these out as soon as possible.

PS : Song taken from the soundtrack Armies of the fallen : an epic Star Wars fanfilm by Martin Klekner.
Check out his channel :
His website :

Composed by Tomas Zemler
check out his channel :

Website :
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