Author Topic: Possibility of theorised 'Ultra-Photon' string blades with UV LED's??  (Read 907 times)

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Hello FX Saber Forum, this is my first post .. Bit long winded but all you blade experts out there please bare with it.

I would like to ask about the possibility of constructing a blade that would be SUPER bright and with a good colour hue. Now I have a theory in mind that I'd like some opinions on. I myself like the way light sabers look on film (I prefer the dark side so the red one in particular) with their near white say 1x diameter cores and a 3-4x diameter coloured hue if you get me (Look at the red saber in the picture, I know its a animation but you get what I mean I hope. (I don't know how to insert images so I'll just paste the link here)

Count Dooku images - Google Search

Now as far as the construction of the blade is concerned ... Is it possible to construct some kind of multi-string blade using either bright white LED's, or  combination of Bright white/red LED's (If that combination would work better with the colour wanted)  along with a string of UV LED's AND possibly get polycarbonate tubes made that are impregnated/mixed with highly florescent/Highly efficient UV absorbing and visible light re-emitting dyes? if so this is how I theorise it to work ....

The visible light LED's would be emitting light from the centre of the core/epicentre of the blades diameter therefore illuminating the blade with a near bright white solid and well diffused light, the UV LED's will also be emitting their wavelengths from the same position in the core BUT causing the treated blade walls to highly fluoresce outwards at a given distance away from the core and creating the hue and due to the different wavelengths of the visible light there shouldn't be any interference patterns between the 2 wavelengths causing destructive interference that would lead to intermittent attenuation of both the white core and the fluorescent emission from the blade? does that make sense?? ... Now before you all say it I know UV can be dangerous but I am a degree qualified engineer who works with x-rays, Radio-active isotopes and UV light sources all the time and know they can be safely filtered, for example I believe a duel diffused blade has an inner diffusion material and a lightly sanded surface? is that correct?, the outer surface can be treated with a UV wavelength filter once lightly sanded like some industrial safety glasses are which would block any un-absorbed, possibly dangerous UV wavelengths escaping BUT be transparent visible light wavelengths of both the core and visible light emission of the fluorescent active chemical/dye in the blade wall?? ... If this is a valid theory it could be a major advancement on 'Photon blades' that do work on a similar principle but would allow for far more highly enhanced colours as all the visible light wavelengths are at a lower energy level than UV, therefore in theory we could create 'Ulta-photon' blades from the visible red light wavelengths all the way up to the visible violet wavelengths. So all in all is this a possibility? I have been trying to get some help and funding to try and get a prototype made but have no luck as of yet.

Not really looking for solutions on how to power the blades etc at this time, would just like some opinions on the theory.

Thank you

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Re: Possibility of theorised 'Ultra-Photon' string blades with UV LED's??
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Very interessting indeed.
Vaders Vault did a lot of testing before on photon blades.
Maybe they like to join.
I must say, that I really love their Photon blades already. On my JQ Obi TPM with Tri Rebel BBW the green is inzanely bright
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