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Evolution Arms New Products 2017
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:01:59 AM »
Hey everyone, I launched a series of new products on May 4th, and am just getting around to posting them now.  I have a new line of production sabers, "The Dark Apprentice".  The video for those is here. 

The Dark Apprentice reveal video - YouTube

They start at $349

The robust chassis system is easy to access by unscrewing the pommel, and ensures that all internal components are held firmly in place. Inside is a removable battery, and access to the SD card on the Plecter Labs™ Crystal Shard™ sound board.

Precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the primary outer diameter is 1⅜", with slimmer grip sections. The hilt comes in at just under 10¾", making this saber ideal for both one and two handed use. Color schemes use a durable, high quality anodized finish which will not easily scratch or wear away.

* For those interested in a staff (double ended saber) simply order two sabers for now, and contact us via Email or Facebook with this request. A coupler will be available at a future date.

Included Items:

Dark Apprentice Saber.
2400mAh Battery.
Two Cell Charger.
1" x 34" Vader's Vault™ dual-diffused blade with round, shine-through tip.
Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks*

Evolution Arms > Sabers > The Dark Apprentice

Next up, I have a new replica saber.  The inspiration for it should be obvious, and it's named "The Chosen One"

The Chosen One is an heirloom quality saber, assembled from over 25 individual precision-machined parts, hand finished and mirror polished. With a main body diameter of only 1.25" and an overall length of 10.25" this is one of the most compact sabers available.  The electonics are housed in a 2 piece chassis system, and the recharge port is housed in the lower chassis with the soundboard. 

These start at $949 and have your choice of Plecter Labs Crystal Shard or Crystal Focus soundboard.  Each saber comes with an accurate blade plug, auto sensing charger, and

Lead time on these is quoted at 12-16 weeks to be on the safe side with the extra finishing work. 

Evolution Arms > Sabers > The Chosen One

Finally, I also have some stock of "Fulcrum Katana" and "Fulcrum Shoto".  These were another collaboration with Vader's Vault.  These start at $999 each, or $1950 for the pair.  These were designed by me and CNC machined to be the most faithful recreations of these sabers available. 

Fulcrum Katana:

Evolution Arms > Sabers > Fulcrum Katana

Fulcrom Shoto:

Evolution Arms > Sabers > Fulcrum Shoto

Fulcrum Pair:

If anyone has trouble with the website please let me know.  We have some issues with ios users not being able to load our Stripe (payment provider) popup, and we are aware of a problem we have on mobile where the pictures do not scale properly. 

Thanks for looking!