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Retractable Lightsaber design
« on: August 28, 2016, 06:25:40 PM »
My design is fairly simple and runs off of simple electricity, algorithms, and mechanics..
The idea I have in mind is for a lightsaber that both extends and retracts with the push of a button.

The extendable section of the lightsaber is spring loaded much like the toy light sabers.. With sections for the blade similarly.

For the retractable section a small, powerful rotating motor connected to the same button (but of course a switch inside tells a simple command to deviate between the rotary motor and the spring switch) is placed in the hilt that spindles a strong wire that is connected to the tip of the lightsaber inside..

For the lightsaber to retract a simple push of the button triggers the motor to retract the wire for a set amount of time (with the wire of course having a set distance etc.) to pull the sectional blade back into place until the timer on the motor turns off and the blade is in the hilt entirely, resetting the simple spring system as the end of the motor cycle switches the button back to extending..

This would run off of simple store bought battery's and could easily fit inside the hilt of a standard lightsaber. As far as a schematic goes I have one in progress..

For questions about the wire/motor mechanics/timing/algorithms etc. it is still all in progress.. this is merely a rough idea I had when looking online for a retractable lightsaber and found close to nothing. Tell me what you think and if anyone can add any improvements/ideas etc..