Author Topic: IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Brian Graybeal aka Darth Kalel  (Read 3274 times)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Brian Graybeal aka Darth Kalel
« on: August 09, 2015, 11:30:06 AM »
For those of you who do not follow Social Media or our FB page you may not be aware of recent happenings with this person.  It was recently brought to our attention by several different people that he has been using our name and photo's of our past works, claiming he is collaborating with us on projects >:(. This is not the case, we are not in active collaboration with anyone. We do have a few planned collaborations (in the next year or so, obviously NOT with Brian) but they are not currently in progress. One of the sabers he mentioned and associated our name and pictures with was a Ven Zallow run.  He is showing pictures of Bercilak, a one-off custom we did a few years ago (which is NOT a Ven Zallow although it does take inspiration from that saber).  He shows these pictures of our work to imply that we are working with him and that the finished product will look like that saber >:(.  A few folks know the Ven Zallow is one of the sabers we have in design phase and will be bringing out later this year. It is one of our favorites. However, we are not currently involved in any run of this saber with anyone else, nor are we in collaboration with any one on any other runs. Another saber mentioned was a TFU1 in game saber.  Again, this is a saber we'd eventually like to do to round out our TFU collection but we have no immediate plans to do one and are not involved in a run of that.  Any current "runs" that Brian Graybeal is selling spots on have NOTHING to do with us. Nor does he, or has he ever helped us with modeling.  Alan does the modeling and, when he needs help with engineering or Solidworks, I go to Tim of The Custom Saber Shop, or Erik of Orbital Machining for advice we do not hire outside help with modeling.   

Apparently he has taken quite a bit of people's money and in many cases not delivered in the past year. This is why we have rules here on the forums about sales.  To protect people from these types of situations.   

Here is a repost of Alan's (STARKILLER'S) FB post: "Not really wanting to get into any drama, but there is history here. People really need to research people more before they hand over hard earned money. The behavior here is much the same as it was with him in 2008: New sound card testing!!!

If you have 20 minutes to kill, read the whole thread, if not, the Cliff Notes version would be the first couple of pages and the last several. I remember it happening then, and was shocked seeing him 'back on the scene' last year.

I have not wanted to drop names, but I feel guilty for not saying something sooner when I've had information. We didn't want to come forward and 'out' him like that, but at this point I do not want to be associated with him or his business in any way. We have never collaborated with him in any way, and he's using our name and images to coax people into buying in on his runs. We don't want anyone to think that we are in any way involved with what may transpire with him and anyone who has given him money for his runs. We do not want to be held responsible or have people believe that we are responsible for loss of money at this point.  If anyone would like to discuss their situation with us that has also been told we were involved, please PM us."
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Re: IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Brian Graybeal aka Darth Kalel
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2015, 02:13:25 PM »
Luminara's link didn't work for me,  but here is the topic at TCSS: New sound card testing!!!