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Spark Color(TM) - Rounding out the NEC product line
« on: August 06, 2014, 03:45:43 PM »
Spark Color(TM)

A board for those that love the simplicity of Spark(TM), but want color mixing.

What is it?
Spark Color(TM) is a completely new firmware offered by Naigon's Electronic Creations. Spark Color(TM) takes the powerful color-mixing engine from Igniter, and the simplicity of Spark(TM) combining them into one offering. Designed to be the new color mixing platform for ready-made sabers, this technology will be available for all to use.

How does Spark do Color Mixing?
Spark color uses a different approach to mixing then Igniter. Instead of each font having an associated color, Spark Color(TM) uses up to 9 distinct colorsets, where a colorset is composed of the blade color, the blast color, and the clash color. These colors live under the colr1, colr2,... colrN folders off the root.

When running the saber, it will boot into the first colorset and first font. Switching fonts from the aux just like Igniter R5 can be performed, but regardless of which font is chosen, the first colorset will still be active. To advance to the next colorset, simply performing "flick the wrist" (aka the motion for DualPhase(TM) of R4/R5) will advance it while in any font.

When shutting down a font and then going to the next font, the colorset will remain. For example, start up font1, and then do "flick the wrist" to get to colorset2, then retract font1, the active colorset will be colorset2. Now, when switching to font2, font3, font4, font5, font6, or even back around, the active colorset will still be 2 until the next "flick the wrist" action is performed.

While there are only 5 normal fonts and 9 colors, each color can be used with each font allowing for a total of 45 different saber combinations!

What is different from Igniter and Spark Color(TM)?
While Spark Color(TM) does use the advanced mixing engine from Igniter, the shade features have been dropped to keep the board streamlined and simple. Further, there is no DualPhase(TM) extra color, so there are only 3 independent colors per colorset (blade, blast, clash) compared to 4 from an active instance of igniter (blade, blast, clash, DualPhase(TM) classic or hold).

How can I setup colorsets?

There are two ways to edit colors. The first is from the Spark Color(TM) config editor. This version of the config editor has a specific colorset tab, which allows the current colorset to be selected, and then the three individual colors can be modified.

The second way is by using the Colorset Editor, which was ported from the R5 Color Editor of Igniter. By booting the saber while holding the aux button, the ColorsetEditor will be loaded. You can then cycle through each colorset and modify the colors, using the same motions as the Igniter Color Editor. Please see the second video below on how the Colorset Editor is used.

This is great? How much will it cost me?
The price will be 129.99USD on my site, available now. I'll be updating the site with info and the manual in the next few days.

Same platform as Igniter Mini(TM)
Supports 6 fonts: five normal, one tracks
Supports 9 colorsets: 3 independent colors (blade, blast, clash) with 4 channels to drive an RGB, RGBA or RGBW
3 Accent pads
Simple preconfigured blade, clash and accent patterns like Spark
Config Editor with support for Colorset editing
Color Editor by holding down aux and booting saber (port from R5)


Spark Color(TM)

Colorset Editor for Spark Color(TM)

Thanks for looking, Godspeed, and MTFBWY!
Igniter developer/creater - my site is in my profile!

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Re: Spark Color(TM) - Rounding out the NEC product line
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2014, 06:15:36 AM »
Congrats Scott! Awesome addition to the NEC line :D

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Re: Spark Color(TM) - Rounding out the NEC product line
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2014, 06:42:06 AM »

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Re: Spark Color(TM) - Rounding out the NEC product line
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2014, 09:02:10 AM »
Nice to see this come to fruition.  I look forward to using a few of these soon.

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Re: Spark Color(TM) - Rounding out the NEC product line
« Reply #4 on: August 07, 2014, 09:25:40 AM »

Nice as always!!