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LED new diffusion method
« on: July 25, 2014, 01:47:52 PM »
Hi. Though I do not claim being an expert I recently was trying to deflect light from very narrow angle white led from led lamp ( i usually recover parts from other stuff) and i used some correction liquid on it... It bursted ito flames.. i mean.. its a great way to make core of a saber... Plus i think a coned led with correction liquid on sides ( they sell it in pen like containers) and some alluminium glued to the cone on the outside could really be massive light output.... oh i also found more easy tech to make saber have white core... Use white leds in a centre and either super brights focused on walls or wrap a blue( any color) leds over the core white... If i decide to finish my saber ill get you a picture of thing in action. Also anyone tried the soldering iron accesorry ( dont know its english name im from poland so... ) its used for violins too... and named kalafonia here probably translator would show you some result.... either way i advice to make the crystal of it as it makes very fine amber like light. Also i made some fine neon like lamp with a SMD led and fuse and fuse holder.... bet itll rock on my lightsabre... Oh and not to forget anyone ever tried lightsaber of SMD ( they ussualy are equal bright with less current and packed waaay more tighter) I bet those guys would fire of my entire eye with ease. So sorry for asking and saying more than in title and hope U comment and add some your own opinoins on my experiments... oh and if someone experienced will take a look is a packing foil good for diffusing ( the one soft that tv and stuff comes wrapped upp in but not bubble foil)... Anyway so much came from my testing on my first saber project...