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hasbro force fx kit fisto
« on: June 03, 2014, 05:09:36 PM »
        Ok ladies, gentlemanand various multi and non gender species alike. I just received my kit fisto saber this after noon, and let Me tell you what. Its really an under raited saber. This thing is BEAUTIFULL.
I love the weight of the hilt its sleek simple elagant designe. Its verry confertable to hold. On thaught  it seams to be or atleast it feals a little bit smaller than standard mhs parts. The interior definately is.
The only down side that I can think it really has is the speaker quality and volume. Other than that its exceeded my expectations of it.
On another note I have not noticed any major defects or dark spots in the string blade other than the where the leds them selves are.

On the sound quality. Well it is what is. What can I say I've been spoiled on other  higher quality sound boards, but that's not to say that with a few minor modifications( ie.. a better speaker, a li-ion power sorce) then it would be an amazing saber.
I've got big plans for this hilt, big plans. Ol' spark has been waiting for a hilt to power. Oh don't worry about the stock board that's gona have a home too. Before I forget here are some pics.