Author Topic: The top 10 things that Ep 4-6 did wrong!  (Read 2115 times)

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The top 10 things that Ep 4-6 did wrong!
« on: March 15, 2014, 01:17:27 AM »
Top 10 Things Star Wars Ep. 4-6 Did Wrong - YouTube

It's a newer video made back in October 13.  I love the ending!  Enjoy

PSA: There are some swear words in the video but nothing graphic.
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Re: The top 10 things that Ep 4-6 did wrong!
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2014, 03:14:16 AM »
Very amusing, well paced and nicely timed humour!
Also on the money as far as plot holes etc. BUT,.... I would defend the entire seri..well, the original trilogy by suggesting that anything that becomes so very popular, where props are scrutinised and reproduced literally inch by inch, dialog is incorporated into everyday culture, clips are played and replayed ad infinitum to find who shot first, who said what and when, technobabble is dissected and theorems checked. Anything under such a spotlight will show glaring flaws.
Especially something like a film, under so much pressure from time and money.
In truth, the fact everything holds together so WELL, and has had a timeline threaded through it running thousands of years, THAT is what could be talked about.  (IMHO) It is much more in our nature to tear apart and expose than to applaud such things.
2001 A Space Odyssey has become extremely popular, but nothing near Star Wars. I imagine if that had fan bases all around the world, and large groups dressed in the uniforms and set up hundreds of web sites, toys and props were manufactured from it, then IT would have hundreds of plot holes revealed, Kubrick would be ridiculed at times, joked about and people might even get angry about some decisions made in the film. Yet i have NEVER heard a voice raised about any flaws in that film, well, hardly. Only praise and applause.
Sometimes it makes me a little disheartened that something I love so much is pulled apart by people who have had the luxury to be so exposed to its every detail. Facts are facts, true, BUT when did THEY ever get in the way of a good story?   

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Re: The top 10 things that Ep 4-6 did wrong!
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2014, 09:22:17 AM »
I think its fair considering how much that Original Trilogy 'purists' BASH the Prequel Trilogy that someone point out the OT was far from perfect itself. I don't agree with every point, but I think he makes some good ones - the Death Star design weakness IS contrived at best like a videogame 'boss battle' and it would indeed have made more sense for the Empire to simply FIX it [I can think of several ways from having simply put an armored VALVE on the exhaust port  ANYWHERE INSIDE THE SHAFT  and heat sinks for the short period it might need to be 'sealed' during an attack to spiralling or zigzagging the shaft so it doesn't lead STRAIGHT to the main reactor at all - these would have been SIMPLE fixes during construction] and even afterwards external sealable blast doors/shutters and/or deflector and ray shields could have been retrofitted for a lot less time, bother and expense than sending Star Destroyers [and the Emperor's #2 official who surely had nothing better to do with his time] halfway across the galaxy to 'recover' the plans showing the DUMB weakness that never should have been there in the first place.

OK this is not QUITE as EPICLY stupid - though it is close - as Unca George's best buddy Steve perpetrated upon audiences suspension of disbelief in Jaws where Bruce the shark is swimming up towards Chief Brody in the sinking Orca and instead of emptying his N-frame Smith and Wesson [therefore either .357, 41 or 44 Magnum] into Bruce's brain from point blank range [as any former big city street cop - established earlier in the film - would have done by 'reflex'] for no other apparent reason than heightening suspense effect in a movie he looks for something explosive he can shove in its mouth in the hope that it will swim away and he can take a DRAMATIC long shot later [made all the more stupid by the fact they actually show him RELOADING his gun a few minutes earlier - so that he just WOULDN'T BOTHER to use it later when he needed to???].

What the Force???

The whole Death Star weakness was ALMOST as stupid; a 'speed of plot' kludge "for dramatic effect" that is spectacularly unnecessarily BAD bad as anything in the Prequels and worse than almost any other otherwise generally good movie.

I don't agree with him on the OT female characters and the Bechdel test. He's young eno9gh not to remember how in 1977 'feminism' was only a dozen or so years old so even having ONE strong female character was actually 'progressive' at the time and Pr!ncess Leia was a strong positive example for young women that set the template for those who came after like Ripley and Sarah Connor [who probably wouldn't have existed if Leia hadn't proved that movie audiences could accept a strong female character with her own mind and opinions unafraid to speak up and act on them]. The Bechdel test came later to reflect a later eras expectations of social evolution - it didn't exist at the time and isn't fair to apply to the OT which was AHEAD of the curve on feminism for its time. But even though we don't SEE Leia and Mon Mothma discussing Rebellion strategy it is inevitable that they would have due to their positions so imo the OT implicitly if not explicitly should 'pass' that test anyway; you can be certain two former Senators didn't just sit around in Rebel Alliance command meetings discussing boy troubles and how to braid cinnabun hairstyles while Jan Dodonna made all the decisions. I'll also point out there were more female characters in the PT than he mentioned including many female Jedi but yes it would be nice to see more strong female protagonists with meaningful roles to play in the ST. Its a bit of a unfair slam on the OT imo to complain that there weren't more considering the one there is was a BIG step forward for its time.
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