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Here is another Luke V2

It's kind of a “budget” build that I gifted to my brother, based on Saberforge's Prodigal Son old version parts.
Not much rework on the parts themselves (I don't have the proper tools anyway), except the weathering and sound holes under the clamp.
The interesting point about this build is the Custom Led Module and blade plug made by Oxaleinen, which features a X-2 GG/RR Led and gives a nice bright green or red blade, without being impacted by the thin neck.

G.O.T.H. Custom Sabers - 2nd Luke V2 - YouTube

Full Build log and description (much more high rez pictures) can be seen on my website.

- Saberforge Prodigal Son old version hilt, with a few mods to the emitter and clamp section
- Graflex Clamp replica and black card from Parks
- X-2 GG/RR from Tythos Ridge Customs,  custom Led Module and blade plug by Oxaleinen
- RGB Led as crystal simulation under the clamp visible through the sound vents
- Sparktm from NEC (gutted from my own Luke V2 which will get a Mini ^^)
- Single 18650 Cell, recharge port and custom kill key by Caz.
- 20mm Mini Speaker (from TCSS)
- 1” blade made by me from TCSS parts (thin walled tube and bullet shaped tip that fully lights up)


Build log description and pictures:

Original hilt

Here is some close up on the custom Led Module and Blade Plug.
The ring of light when the Blade Plug is on is actually pretty cool ^^

Next, a few drills I had to make for the recharge port and sound vents beneath the clamp section

Weathering time, where I kept some of the “copper” for some accent on the neck

The 18650 li-ion cell is located in the ribbed section, followed by a custom made Delrin 20mm speaker holder.
No Crystal Chamber per se, just an RGB led to keep it simple while still pretty effective through the sound vents.

Recharge port and knurled kill key with the usual mod so that it is just needed to be twisted to activate the saber

The clamp is pretty much the same as my other V2, with the switches barely noticeable, but still easy to operate

And finally, here is the gutted Spark being rewired to give life to this new saber.

Thanks for watching,
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