Author Topic: 'AXIS' install for IndustrialAction--the works!  (Read 1850 times)

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IA contacted me during the initial sign-up period inquiring about a few customized changes to his unit. 

Saberhead "Axis" saber-left handed
CFv6.5 w/Cex
RGB tri-rebel
Sollus Vir bargraph in control box
2w 8ohm rectangular speaker
R.I.C.E port and 2.1mm recharge port in pommel
Quartz crystal in chamber reveal





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The Works looks very nice, Kit! IA will be very pleased. 8) I especially like the bargraph and blade plug, very unique touches which compliment the design as a whole.
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Very cool! Thanks buddy. Can't wait to get it!

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Excellent job and beautiful piece! 

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I like it.  As a left hander myself, I approve.

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