Author Topic: Luke Skywalker Reveal Lightsaber trilogy (Vin YODA DIY with CF6 Colour eXtender)  (Read 4863 times)

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Your collection is just AMAZING!
I love it! :DD

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thank you estine.

i can't help by stare at the sabers every time i walk past them in my house, or sometimes ill just walk into the room just to admire, ha.

sorry dave! i forgot to answer your question. I'm pretty stoked with the cf6, i'm loving it. The first of it's kind and proud to have it in my collection. colour mixing is actually a little harder than i thought. getting that PERFECT colour can be a challenge and when the graflex gets really hot i freak out and give it a 30minute rest.

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  • The force is not strong with this one.
Luckily jealousy can also be inspirational  :)