Author Topic: Luke anh with yoda chassis kit  (Read 2527 times)

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Luke anh with yoda chassis kit
« on: November 19, 2011, 05:22:53 AM »
Ill post pictures here soon but my chassis is done.  I had a blast.  Its a fun kit to take your time to assemble.  Pc-u is wired and besides waiting on a few small things its ready soon.  For a personal build its been extremely rewarding.  I guess I can call it my unicorn saber as its the saber that gives me that old school star wars feeling I had as a kid.  I used an awesome larbel graflex replica so I had to improvise some things in kit such as using copper wire around crystal instead of small springs.    Looks killer tho. 
Each saber I make to own for life are going to get better each time and while I don't care about quantity,  it will feel amazing to stare at 10 sabers eventually that are all my creation with a few other saber smiths work in there when I need a break and crystal focus finally LOL  while old trilogy sabers with chassis /chamber are my ten year goal,  I am switching to custom next and alternating as I have done so far.  Next is my highly custom mhs darkside with 10 Watt ledengine, foc , motor, chassis, etc.   xxx maybe this  one can use an ignition to use some fun features unless I score a cf.   Takes me 4-6 months on my sabers so after this is done I can get to work.
Sorry no pictures yet.  Was getting excited to be so close.  Still have not decided on my.p4 blue or ordering a 5w blue as I hear it's crazy bright and more of a whitish blue like ot sabers.  I guess I made up my mind  lol
Sabers I own/made:  ancient "Ossus" w/US 2.5 + rebel green
Larbel graflex w/ PC-U,  p4 blue, yoda chassis kit.  Anh Luke
In the mail-- super v3 plus red makoto w/2.0 sound. Sss hilt. 
Projects--rotj v2 luke, mhs custom 10w w/foc + ignition