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Re: Southern Ontario?
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Not sure how pertinent it is.. but I'm in Cambridge, Ontario and I had gone digging into this very subject. Ended up finding The Saber Legion They are a full-on lightsaber dueling league with annual tournaments. They have specific dueling guidelines and rules, but saber dueling is saber dueling.
I got in touch with the Ontario Charter . I think the Ontario Charter is actually based out of Cambridge (so lucky me!) but I think there is also a Toronto group... could be wrong.

But hopefully that helps you out!


And in terms of establishing an overall saber enthusiasts group, I think the head of this TSL Charter is hoping to do the same thing. There's a meet up event coming up in August I think... It's all posted on the Ontario Charter's page. But maybe we can make something happen!

This will be the subject of my next report. May the Force be with you.