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Golden Gate Knights (SJ/SF CA Bay Area)
« on: February 10, 2011, 02:33:22 AM »
Golden Gate Knights

Website =
Facebook =

** Due to the new class day/time, logistics, and other general reasons, I can no longer instruct nor (most likely?) attend the GGK classes!!  --Novastar

Classes are instructed by Alain Bloch.
Originally founded by Alain Bloch, Novastar,  and Anthony Joslin (owner of Coastside Academy of Fencing)

WHO:   Golden Gate Knights -- "Illumination Through Action"
WHAT:  Saber Spins... Combat Choreography... Martial Arts... Meditation... Training... Sparring... Film... Projects... and drinks + food afterward!  :)
WHEN:  SUNDAYS, Visit the website/Facebook page for more 411
WHY:    Because you hate gyms, yet promised you'd get yourself in shape this year... and Facebook + Youtube ain't doin' it!!  :)


* Wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes.  Dress in costume if you like, or not--doesn't matter, it's all good.
* Bathrooms/changing areas are available--at a price.  Totally kidding.  :)
* No food or soda/coffee drinks in the gym area--water is perfectly fine though; we encourage bringing water bottles.

Contact GGK before coming for your first time, and definitely contact GGKif you're not sure if they will meet on any given particular day/night!


 Instead, post on our Facebook page, or (later on) our Youtube account...

Hope to see you there!

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