Author Topic: Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review  (Read 3593 times)

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Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review
« on: December 22, 2010, 02:23:37 PM »
When I saw that Chewie and MJ were doing this run, my first thought was about a little boy named Nicholas.  He's the little brother of one of my friends, roughly eight years old, and he loves Star Wars.  When I had a spare Luke ANH hilt laying around, I gave it to him for his birthday, and he carried it with him everywhere until parts literally started falling off.  He even rolled up a piece of orange construction paper, put it in the hilt, and much to my delight, went after my friend, referring to him as a "useless Jedi" before he executed him, Sith-style.  Nicholas absolutely loved his Luke ANH, and was very disappointed when it became too delicate to carry any longer.

So, when I saw this run roll around, I figured I'd get Nicholas in on it.  After talking to both Chewie and MJ, I believe Nicholas was the first Padawan to get his name on the list.  MJ shipped it to my address, as per the family's request that no personal information be given out (which is understandable).  This, of course, meant that I got to take it out and snap some pictures while I was installing a blade.

Imagine how happy Nicholas'll be on Christmas morning when he opens up that long triangular box to find this.

That's a bit of an upgrade from orange construction paper!

I have to admit, I was impressed by the craftsmanship that went into these sabers.  Though the parts were readily recognizable, the saber was one that even I would be proud to have in my collection - it's on par in quality with the high-level Ultrasabers.  Though the powder-coating was a little uneven in places, it doesn't detract from the look of the saber - it looks like it's been well maintained but been through a few campaigns.   Let's have a closer look at the hilt.

In true Jasher Kain style, we're going to rotate the saber for pictures and so everyone can see just what these lucky kids are going to get their hands on this Christmas!

At 0 Degrees:

At 90 Degrees:

At 180 Degrees:

At 270 Degrees:

And at 360 Degrees - and back to 0:

Here's a shot of that nice pommel, and an emitter perspective.  It's kinda reminiscent of the Graflex, and the shroud really adds a lot to this saber.  The pommel artwork is beautiful; this is the first time I've seen any of Arkai Halon's work in person, and it looks really nice and sharp.  Pardon the red; the pommel work is easy to see in person, but wouldn't be picked up by pictures.

The LED's probably a Luxeon III, and it's amber.  I've never seen an amber LED in person before, and though this is about as dim as they get, it compared favorably to one of my P4s.  It's a wonderful golden-orange color, and exactly what an amber LED should look like.

Low light levels and then in darkness.  The camera isn't all that washed out, either - I uber-diffused a MR Yoda blade, so it's pretty bright in a dark room.

Now, this wouldn't be a review without a x/10 rating, so let's get down to it.

Final wrap-up:
Shipping: The thing arrived two days after it shipped, I think that's pretty remarkable.
LED: Nice color, and decent brightness.  Way better than construction paper.
Hilt: If I'd paid for it, I'd be happy with it.  It's not perfect, but it's a sharp looking saber (pardon the pun) and it's gonna make a little boy very happy.

So, ratings:
Shipping: 10/10
LED: 9/10
Hit: 8.5/10

That makes for 9.167 points out of 10.  But since this is a gift saber, that automatically adds some ten points to the total, which adds up to an incredible
19.167/10 !!

That's a 191.67%!  It's an A++++++++++!!!

Seriously, guys, this is a wonderful undertaking.  I'm proud to be a part of such a community, and I count myself lucky to know two such wonderful individuals who would do something like this.  Gemini Concepts just gained a whole lotta points in my book.  Thanks again guys - it's good to know that we do truly have some Christmas spirit left in this world. 

Now Chewie just has to dye himself red for the holidays...  ;)   :D

Happy holidays, everyone, and thanks again to Gemini Concepts!

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Re: Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2010, 03:31:53 PM »
nice review that kid is gonna be so excited when he gets that saber he'll be swing it around all day :)

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Re: Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2010, 03:38:36 PM »
Wow, I like the style of that saber, And might i say that is one lucky kid, im sure he will cherish and take care of this for years to come, But of course i hope it gets used well from executing those jedi Scum!

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Re: Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2010, 03:57:28 PM »
Wow that pommel is sweet!!
I'm glad that the community all came together to help out during the making of these.


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Re: Gemini Concepts Acolyte Stunt Charity Saber - Review
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2010, 06:48:02 PM »
way to go Gemini Guys!! You embody what this holiday season is supposed to represent!