Author Topic: Anyone doing Luke ANH conversions these days?  (Read 749 times)

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Anyone doing Luke ANH conversions these days?
« on: November 30, 2009, 06:58:58 PM »
I'm interested in having mine converted in the near future! I popped a few LEDs and now it saddens me whenever I fire it up.

I have plenty of blades, but I understand these sabers don't fit your standard 1 inch blades. So, it would be a plus if someone could put some blade film inside the MR blade.

I am interested in getting the brightest, lightest blue LED possible...P4/Cree, etc...I leave it to the saber smith experts, of which I am far, far from.

If anyone is interested in this project, just shoot me a PM and maybe a price quote and we can go from there!

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