Author Topic: ALL MEMBERS please read. Update to forum rules in progress.  (Read 3227 times)

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ALL MEMBERS please read. Update to forum rules in progress.
« on: January 04, 2009, 05:59:05 PM »
Attention ALL members,

FX-Sabers has been a wonderful site where we can all enjoy talking sabers and at times talking about things other than sabers.  For us to grow closer together or "bind us" we often share personal experiences regarding our local friends and families.  We also have off topics like "what are you__________" that allow us to have some fun and take a break from sabers and Star Wars.  Darth Frosty was a great example of this.

There are times however when these threads get out of control and turn into a chat room.  This site was never designed to be a chat room nor was it designed to be an off topic forum.  The main function is everything saber and branches out from there.

In an effort to keep the site's theme that was created several years ago by Master Yoda, we feel it is necessary to impose some new rules that will keep his dream alive.

These rules will soon be added to the original forum rules page.

Private Communication Via Public Forums.

The forums are not meant for email or instant messenging. If you wish to chat with other members please utilize your own email, chat room or this site's PM service.
This is the biggie folks.  This will not be tolerated any longer.
Links to Instant messenger and chat programs


The following is a list of what may be considered spamming:
Creating a new topic in order to draw attention to another topic.
Responding to a post in another topic by creating a new topic.
Creating several new topics at once.  Multiple questions should be grouped under one topic.
Making short or obscure responses in an effort to raise your post count.

Non-Descriptive Topic Titles.

Please do not create topics with vague or misleading titles. Moderators may rename topic titles at their discretion.
Some examples: Please tell me about a saber.  I want to buy a saber, help me. 

Lastly, we beg of you, please read the forum topics.  There are a lot of very basic questions being asked that can be found by simply reading.  Our experienced members are more than willing to share their expertise and already have many times via tutorials and descriptive threads.  They don't need to be wasting their time on questions that could have been answered by READING.  Laziness in NOT an excuse.

These new rules will be tweeked over the next few days and weeks but we felt it necessary to get them out there as soon as possible.

This topic should be self explanatory.  If you are confused about its purpose please PM myself or any other moderator for clarification.

This topic is locked.  Blast doors closed.  Blue credits are rolling.


FX-Sabers Moderation Team

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Re: ALL MEMBERS please read. Update to forum rules in progress.
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 03:35:54 PM »
This thread needs to be reviewed once again since some members clearly don't comprehend the rules of our site.

FX-S is many things.  It is a site to learn about building and purchasing saber.  It is also a site to get to know other enthusiasts in the hobby.  It is also a place to enjoy chatting with members that share your same passion for Star Wars and more importantly lightsabers.

Because we are a big family here we have opted to have OFF TOPIC threads in an effort to not be serious all the time so we could let our padawan braids down and have some fun with friends.

What FX-S is NOT:

It is not a playground to run around posting wildly in old threads.
Spamming other threads to increase your post count. 
Asking basic questions that could easily be found by reading all the great threads we already have on the subject you are seeking.

Please read through the rules again if you are having a hard time understanding our site.  If you don't understand the rules please pm any moderator or (Darth Caden  ;)) and we will help clear things up.

Failure to comply and blatant disregard for the rules will only get you a ban.

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