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List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« on: November 26, 2008, 11:00:32 AM »
Hey everyone.  Upon the Advice of SHAAK-TI.  I have decided that it is time that we post a listing of sites where parts can be obtained for your saber building needs.  I will only post those sites which I have purchased items from, and have had positive results with.  Feel free to post anyplace that you have purchased saber materials from that is not listed here. 

We will continue to update this list as more are posted, or more sites are found.

I am not including places like TCSS, Ultra Sabers, Parks, Blast-Tech, Ebay, or any other well known source.  These are alternatives if you are looking for something more specific, than what these places offer.  Besides, they are already listed under the S.A.B.E.R. Guild listings.  ;)


L.E.D. Supply -
This supplier carries Luxeon, as well as Cree and Osram High powered LED's. They also carry buckpucks, and other drivers, as well as optics. They offer pretty fast shipping, and can get just about any LED you could want or need.

Luxeon Star -
This supplier also carries Luxeon LED's, and is a great place to get Luxeon Rebel LEDs, as well as optics solutions.

DealExtreme -
This supplier carries a wide variety of items from computer parts, to flashlight kits, to various novelty items.  This is one source for getting Seoul, Cree, and Osram LED's.  Everything electronic ships from Hong Kong though, and shipping times can sometimes be EXTREMELY long.  This place has affectionately become known as "Shipping Extreme" because of this.

LED-Tech.DE -
This supplier carries a LOT of different LED solutions. Cree, Osram, Luxeon, Seoul, LEDengin, and many more, as well as drvier circuitry, optics, and controllers.  They are based in Germany, and can be expensive due to the exchange rates of US Dollar to Euro.  Shipping is usually pretty decent, but can take a long time for some items.

LedEngin Inc.
Not really a supplier, but a manufacturer of higher wattage LED's. This site can lead you to other places that supply their LED's.  I figured it was worth mention, because there is a lot of good information on their site.

Other Electronics needs, and Accent LED's.

All Electronics -
This electronics warehouse has a LOT of useful components that can be used in saber construction.  Connectors, wire, heat shrink, accent LED's, Speakers, Battery holders, soldering equipment, switches, relays, transistors, resistors capacitors, chokes, filters.... you name it.  They ship pretty quickly, but you really have to watch their item descriptions, because some of the pictures for some items are hard to judge sizing by.  When in doubt, email them for specific needs.  Great customer service.  I personally buy from here A LOT.

Electronic Goldmine -
This supply house has a TON of useful items.  and even some nifty rare and esoteric items that might be fun to mess with.  This place has a lot in common with All Electronics, and if you are looking for HUGE varieties of resistors, and other semiconductors, this is your place!  They sell variety grab bags of components, and have a pretty large selection of cool widgets that can be used in sabers.  Decent customer service and FAST shipping on in stock items.

This is the KING DADDY of Holy grail electronics supply houses in my opinion.  I place an order with them about every three weeks for nifty things I find in their catalog.  Beware though that their online catalog is MASSIVE, but it is browse-able in PDF format!  If you take a look around, you may find some familiar parts.   ;)  They ship FAST, and have GREAT customer service and communication.  They have a datasheet available for almost everything they stock.  I HIGHLY recommend this supplier to anyone that is SERIOUS about building sabers on a large scale.

Sparkfun Electronics -
This service is another one for the running with the BIG DOGS category.  This is SERIOUS electronics stuff.  They sell allkinds of PCB breakout boards, tools, and cool gadgets that can be implemented in sabers.  Take a look around and KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!

Battery Space -
If you are looking for batteries, be they NIMH, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Li-poly, Lithium primary, or just alkaline. This is your one stop shop!  They can build custom battery packs, and they also sell the needed materials to build your own custom packs. They sell batteries for almost EVERYTHING.  Good shipping times, Good Customer Service, and great products! -
They have great prices, always have "special deals" which often include free shipping, and they carry Tenergy products, a well respected brand.

For those who live in Central Florida, Skycraft, in Orlando, is a phenomenal place for all sorts of small electronics and accessories. -
Another good source for batteries of all types from alkaline,  NiMH,  an Li-Ion,  and brands including Tenergy, Sanyo,  and Rayovac along with the appropriate chargers.  They even occasionally have sales for certain holidays where you can take 5% off your order.  Sign up for the email newsletter to get the discount codes emailed to you.  They have good customer service and fast,  secure shipping.

Radio Shack (BLEH!) -
Normally, I no longer give Radio Shack the time of day.  They are overpriced, and sell GARBAGE for most of their tools.  A lot of RS stores have extremely limited selections, because they care more about selling Cell Phones than electronics anymore.  Only go here if you are DESPERATE, or just need some solder, flux, or other minimal items. But they over charge for that stuff too...  ::)

Blades and accessories

TAP Plastics -
This is a great place to get everything you need for blades!  If you prefer to make your own, TAP carries a full line of Polycarbonate tubing in may different sizes.  They also carry Sheets of ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and other plastics. They carry Weld - On #3 and #16, as well as many other adhesives, polishing media, tools, and completed items.

Misc. Supplies, Tools, and Fasteners

Fastenal -
Fastenal is your one stop shop for fasteners. Bolts, nuts, screws, washers, stand offs, tools, Lathe and mill tooling bits, Taps, Dies, Wire management...if it is used hold stuff together or machine stuff, fastenal can get it. The cool thing about fastenal, there is usually a store in every town, or at least very nearby. I live in a small city, and there is a fastenal outlet within walking distance of my home.

McMaster -
You name it... they can get it.  They are another MACK DADDY supplier for most industrial outlets.  If McMaster Don't have it. You are going to be hard pressed to get it.  BEWARE... Their catalog is HUUUUUGE!

Harbor Freight -
Also known as "Horrible Freight".  Don't let the name fool you though.  They have great deals on tools, machinery, and all kinds of other stuff.  Some things they sell I wouldn't touch with a 39 1/2 Foot pole... But if you are in need of an inexpensive and replaceable tool.  This is your place.  Most Cities have at least ONE outlet store. Most of their stuff originates from China.

Sears -
Don't go to the "Softer side" go to Hardware...  Just look around.  When you see tools, you'll know you are where you need to be.  If you see Lingerie... You need to go to the other end of the store...  Lawn tractors are the dead giveaway that you are getting close.  Or the smell of new tires... Take your pick.

Lowes, Home Depot, Builder's Square, Menards...ETC No need for a url... If you can't find these places on the net, your IP address should be permanently REVOKED.  ;D
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Re: List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2008, 11:42:20 AM »
For those that live in the Twin Cities (mn), I HIGHLY recommend visiting an AxeMan Surplus store.  They are wonderful for misc parts, resistors, electronic whosits and whatsits etc.....  Their inventory is constantly changing as they stock surplus of strange items every week.  They have everything from EL wire to a functioning iron lung...  Check it out for lots of ideas and a fun filled afternoon.


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Re: List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2008, 01:13:44 PM »
Woah! Dejavu here!  :o
Most of these (except for the LED and battery suppliers) are from the same listings that we have for suppliers when I used to work as an estimator/purchasing for Boeing! 
It's been over a year since I've worked there, but the place had given me so much bad memories, it took you posting this topic just to refresh my memories!  :P
Now, I feel like I have an edge, with researching part numbers, SKU's and all that good stuff   8)


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Re: List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2008, 07:02:16 PM »
Another great battery source is .  They have great prices, always have "special deals" which often include free shipping, and they carry tenergy products, a well respected brand. 

For those who live in Central Florida, Skycraft, in Orlando, is a phenomenal place for all sorts of small electronics and accessories.

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Re: List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2012, 11:34:54 AM »
Thank you for posting this, it would be a great sticky since trying to find some of these companies is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. 
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Re: List Of Saber Parts Suppliers.
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2014, 09:57:04 AM »
I realize this post is old, but I just thought I should add this site here.  They have many various electronic parts that could be used in a saber. I ordered some switches from here and they arrived in just a few days.

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits