Author Topic: My Qui-Gon Le and A Story To Boot.  (Read 1713 times)

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My Qui-Gon Le and A Story To Boot.
« on: August 26, 2008, 06:34:24 PM »
 :D :D

Wow  Jedi and sith this has been a strange year for me so far lol :D :Dwell to start this story I ordered a vader rots saber Le from redford films a couple of weeks ago.Four days passed and no wrod on any shipment.I shot mr.Redford an e-mail asking him why my saber had not been sent out.he replied He was looking all over his ware house for it.Tow days after I e-mailed him again asking him the same question.He replied back he did not have the lightsaber in stock.I either could get my money back or can pick another saber for the same discounted price.I picked out the Qui-Gon Le.I got this for around 299.00.Steven redford aslo for my troubles added a scaled replica of the spider-man masterreplicas venom mask!!Now how cool is that lol :D :DThe force is with me for sure!!
       Ok now back to the subject here are a few pics of my Qui-Gon Le #208 out of 2500.

This is the free gift that I got from redfrod films.I say cool!! ;D
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