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Jasher Kain's MR Darth Maul
« on: July 10, 2008, 11:31:00 PM »
I bought these bad boys from jpbeck, and I must say, they are absolutely beautiful.
They are Luxeon conversions from Ultra Sabers, and so they are super bright.

Here's the Fire Orange:

and here's the Blazing Red:

I wasn't planning on buying this saber, but when I saw the was too good to refuse.
I was pleasantly surprised that this saber is 100% to scale--the MOST accurate of all MR's replicas. The shaft is a nice polished are the igniter switches. That's probably my favorite aspect: the switches are aluminum and they are turned to ignite, meaning they won't be easily hit and shut off mid-spin.

When connected at the center, this saber is heavy. And at 7 feet long, it is a formidable and menacing weapon. I haven't taken it outside yet to give it a whirl because I want to change it so both ends have the same LED color. I plan on keeping both ends Fire Orange...that ways the saber is halfway between Sith Maul and "Jedi" Bastila.

It is a welcome addition to my growing collection.
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