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Luukesabers is back up as

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Darth Raijlin:
For those that didn't know, this site was down for qutie awhile.  It is now back up and under new management.  This is an excellent source for looking at the lightsabers of the Star Wars universe.

I'm really happy someone bought up the license to this.  I loved this site.

Red Five:
Finally...I've been waiting and waiting for someone to buy the site and reopen it. It's the best picture dictionary of lightsabers out there.

Thanks for the notice DV!

Good, now perhaps we will see some MUCH needed updates to the site!

Darth Kraytt:
It's good to know ther up and running, allways liked to see there lightsaber databanks for good reference material.

Cool. I've always enjoyed checking stats there once in a while. Thanks Lord Vader. ;D


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