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FS: MHS Parts
« on: April 26, 2008, 10:06:08 PM »
04/29/2008 - SPF

Ok, I want to design and build another MHS, so I'll see if people want these parts or not:

if you want the whole thing, $175, includes the entire working saber, has Vader ESB sound board, red/orange lux III, uses 4 AAA batteries, premium TCSS speaker, Ultrablade.

or if you're just looking for parts:

Blade Holder style 8, has 8/32 hole drilled and tapped, flat black powder coat

MHS ribbed extension v-grooved with parts powder coated flat black

Double threaded hilt style 3, powder coated flat black with 8/32 hole drilled and tapped with convertec, pommel style 3 and insert 2 (powdercoated flat black)

i'm going to let whoever wants the whole thing get first dibs, i'll sell it piecemeal if i can get a buyer for each of the three major parts, i'll keep the electronics and blade for another saber project if no one wants the whole thing.

more pics if requested

large pics
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