Author Topic: Luke v2/v3 hybrid.....Static prop  (Read 843 times)

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Luke v2/v3 hybrid.....Static prop
« on: April 03, 2008, 06:28:06 PM »
I got some mix matched parts from a guy back east so I'm going to do a Rat Rod v2/v3 mix. Most of the parts are not milled to detail so I'm going to pull some design ques from a couple different sabers to finish this up (hoping to work with Madcow on that... ;D ;D). The paint job on it here is temporary.... after I got the parts cleaned up and put together I added some quick weather with a paint pin to see what it might feel like.  I cut down the computer strip from a MR Luke ESB and I'm getting a long lever from the King of Parts on eBay for the clamp, I also added a strip of chrome tape.......More later.......
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