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Modded Joe Jedi kit FS
« on: March 30, 2008, 07:06:01 PM »
Up for grabs is a modified Joe Jedi lightsaber kit. The blade was removed so as it can be displayed without the blade, and the LED/optic housing reinforced, and 2 of the emitters have been also modified to acomodate a thumbscrew to secure the blade. the flange emitter has yet to be drilled and tapped. Ill try and post pics tomorrow. all the pieces are included, as well as a brand new FX stand. I'm asking around 75+ shipping, or an even trade for a 2007 ANH darth vader FX lightsaber, has to be in good condition, I don't need a stand, in fact, i have an extra stand for sale for 8+ shipping.

also up for grabs are a few darth maul FX saber couplings that i would like to trade for an ultrasabers Anakin AOTC shroud.
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