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Sabers and some more stuff for sale! (I am in Europe) :P
« on: January 24, 2008, 09:04:28 AM »
Hello fellow fx-saberers!  I've gotta get some money to upgrade my computer so I am parting with some stuff.

Just to let you know I am in Europe.  I've listed the stuff in a local star wars forum, cause I'd rather ship
to spain, but if any of you needs something I'll be glad to ship to you.  So this might appeal more to Europe

If there's no interest I'll put these on ebay.  Thanks for looking.

my feedback:  CLICK HERE
and on Ebay I go for "levelnext2"  :)

Please contact me via PM or at, or post here, or phone me lol

Here's the stuff:

All click pics.


1. Visual Dictionary YODA.

 30   + shipping.

Fan made by Snoballz, based on the visual dictionary, nice little replica of the Yoda hilt.

Stand not included.




2.  Master Replicas.  mini Wedge Antilles.

limited edition 1500 pieces.
Mint.  But dont have the original box.

35 + shipping



3.  Obi-Wan AFBB ep IV  mini saber Gold edition

30   + shipping




5.  Obi-Wan Skywalker replica.

40 + shipping

kind of a mix between obi ANH and luke ROTJ. 
Aluminum machined, anodized black parts.

stand not included.



6. parks aluminum stutn obi wan TPM.

150 + shipping.

You know the story, ---> difficult (or impossible) to convert to LED, might accept
EL.  Light weight.  No purple jewel.
Nice display piece.. 

Stand not included.




some more:

7.  MR FX Darth Vader Ep V.

Used but in great condition..
No original box.

80 + shipping



8. Other mini sabers for sale.

- Darth Vader ANH        mint
- Luke ESB                    mint
- Obi Wan ANH (AFBB)  mint
- Obi ROTS  black chrome mint
- Darth Sidious ROTS chromed mint edicion

- Luke ROTJ (ebay exclusive chromed luke ROTJ) mint
40 + shipping
- ANH gold set:       90  + shipping
includes 3 golds:   Luke, Darth Vader, Obi. --->  all ep IV    mint

Only paypal please  8)

Questions? more pics? comments? reasonable offers? anything? Please contact me.  ;)



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