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BOP III -- Auditions this weekend and 9/14 as well!
« on: September 03, 2008, 01:37:37 AM »

Auditions for 100% live staged combat shows.

AUD #1 -- Saturday, September 6th @ 12 noon SHARP
AUD #2 -- Sunday, September 7th @ 12 noon SHARP
AUD #3 -- Sunday, September 14th @ 12 noon SHARP

Grant Park (recreation hall): 1575 Holt Ave., Los Altos, CA


Both males and females can be cast--of both ages groups.
**ALL** performers will participate in staged combat with another performer.

Previous shows seen here:

BOP I (full show) --
BOP II (part 1) --
BOP III -- that's what we'll be working on...

The following are REQUIRED:

* Patience and dedication to martial art / staged combat
* High level of communication skills.  This also means you're in-contact via e-mail, cell phone, etc.
* Local to San Jose / Santa Clara / Los Altos (I will be unable to consider performers too far outside of this area... it's just logistically impossible--sorry.)
* 2-4 hours once a week, most every weekend (probably Sundays), probably for 6 to 8 months
* Above average or high level of fitness.  No couch potatoes or slurpee addicts!  :)
* Team attitude.  This means you respect EVERYone's time, efforts and skills as you would your own.
* Since children WILL be involved in this production... YOU will set a good example for them.  Best behavior or don't show up.
* Ability to be dynamic with what is needed for the show and help to get it done.  Your role may require you to be "an actor"... but you **may** need to wash or make a costume... help move props/setpieces... help spread the word about performances... or generally just be helpful to the production

The following are OPTIONAL (but nice if you have them/know them):

* Staged combat experience (weapon styles preferred over "hand-to-hand")
* Martial arts experience
* Acting experience
* Acrobatic / Tricking experience
* Electronics experience
* Costuming experience

All shows (thus far) are to give back to the community/benefit causes.  This one is likely to be exactly in the same fashion.  That means *I* do not get paid either.


The videos pretty much tell the story.  If you've read this far and poked around the videos, you've probably figured out that you'll be using LED props unlike any other in pretty much the entire world.  As to the shows... well, this kind of thing really hasn't been done before.  As far as I know, BOP I & BOP II are still the only ones of their kind (complete with story, character, dialogue, fighting, some acrobatics, and stage tricks).  For all-volunteers, the shows have come out pretty nicely, and I would like to keep stepping things up for the 3rd installment of "Balance of Power".

With what is planned for BOP III--it will make the first two shows look like kid n' play.  :)

Questions welcomed, please let me know what day you plan to attend, and PLEASE show up on time.

--Matthew Carauddo

BOP III Synopsis:

Former assistant to Master Novastar, now Master Cael Nordiun trains the young heroes of tomorrow.  The academy is rich with tools and droids in order to help promising children to learn.  But, Alexandra Novastar remains haunted by the loss of her family, and her teachers grow worried.  An enemy pays an uninvited “visit”, claiming diplomacy as a motive.  In the final hour, a darkness that is hardly to be believed awaits this academy.  The fate of many—both good and evil—are weighed upon the scales of fortune, as “Balance of Power” reaches its horrifying conclusion!

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