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Thanks everyone who tuned in, and thank you to Anthony for having me on! It was a lot of fun!
Plecter Labs / Re: Nano Biscotti V4 Wiring Help?
« Last post by ahuppert on 1 day ago  »
How about this design... would you say that it's correct (battery changed out and better graphics)?
Pretty sweet shoto and internals design. One alternative that might be an option is to use one of the switch/pixel adapter pcbs...I like these:

Only suggest since it looks like the av switches drop down slightly into the inner tube...and your batt is just right up at the switch section.

Either way, can’t wait to see the results!
Jbkuma of the Mad Science Workshoppe and I have a discussion about custom lightsabers and the products and designs that it takes to make them:
I have noted each of you that asked to be automatically upgraded to plecterpixel.
Wanted / Re: WTB - KR Sabers KRORSSGUARD Saber hilt
« Last post by scott on 3 days ago  »
Looks like it’s available on Korbanth
The battery pack of my Hasbro Signature series ROTJ Luke lightsaber died and I'm looking for a replacement. This is the 3-battery model. Because of the near-impossibility of finding an official one in the marketplace, I would be very grateful if you can recommend legit customizers. I came across someone who's based in Indonesia, but the shipping costs are quite high so I would prefer someone within the US.

Thank you!
Are you looking for just sales or are you open to trades?

Just sales
Are you looking for just sales or are you open to trades?
Once I received my Vader's Vault Hero gen 2 I immediately knew that the accurate uneven grip section was it for me. When I originally ordered this saber I got both grip sections thinking I would change it out from time to time, not the case. That is why I'm selling this upper assembly with the idealized even rings with accurate emitter.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Price $150

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