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Plecter Labs / Re: Crystal Focus X (v10) specs, demo and discussion
« Last post by J.E.D., I on Today at 02:06:26 PM »
Hello All,

I have a couple questions about magic activation. I calibrated my saber like the CFX manual instructed--my magic score was 350.

Is that to low? Did I do something wrong?

Assuming everthing was ok, I then changed Saber Lock to 1 and put the magic threshold at 350. This was all in profile 0. No luck--I tried every profile. Did I do something wrong? What is profile 0?

Forum Gallery / Re: Jedi fallen order saber from 89 sabers weathered
« Last post by EXAR KUN on Today at 12:48:07 PM »
I REALLY love it! Looks better than the game! Great job
Thanks Space/Exar Kun! 
Amazing lightsaber my friend. Tremendous work. Love the crystal chamber and the pixel ring. Your Kylo outfit at the end is very intimidating!
Profezzorn’s Lab / Proffie is in development to drive blaster.
« Last post by Megtooth Sith on Today at 07:01:54 AM »
Fredrik and others are helping to develop blaster functionality via a blaster prop file in ProffieOS.  I realize my test rig is a mess, but I use this test rig to test out lots of different functionality for sabers/blasters prior to install.  But check it out. 

Padawans Training Room - Introduce yourself / Re: Hey Everyone
« Last post by JayDBPR on Today at 04:33:51 AM »
Hey Jay! Welcome to FX Sabers!

Thanks for describing a bit about what your hobbies are. You just stepped into probably the most expensive thing this side of being a car guy so I think you already know how deep things can go! Can't wait to see the builds you come up with. One of my favorite builders on here (amongst so, so many) is Greenie. Check out some of his one-of-a-kind builds I think you'll be stunned. You may have seen him on the TCSS forums as well.

The Force is With You

Thanks for the warm welcome.  You aren't kidding about the expense, I have been having an internal battle on whether my saved "modification fund" is going towards a "Big brake caliper kit" for the car or towards my first saber build   :smiley: I definitely spent quite a bit of time yesterday looking through pictures of builds here and I will search for Greenie's sabers. 
Forum Gallery / Jedi fallen order saber from 89 sabers weathered
« Last post by ken on Today at 02:43:14 AM »
hello every one just wanted to post a few pic of a saber ive been working on hopefully the images up load this is the first run of weathering that ive done. as you can see i went to town on the pommel end with a dremel i use the in game model as well as the pre-order ps4 theme as references. i think its looking good to far. surprisingly even though i cut into the threads the pommel still threaded on i was pleasantly surprised since getting the pommel back on was my main concern

any feed back is welcome its still a working progress more to come soon 

Sound boards technical issues / questions / problems / Re: Prizm 5.5 faulty board ?!
« Last post by erv on December 05, 2019, 09:40:59 PM »
Which L-pad? I am having a similar issue.

in ledstrip mode, the L- pads (power drivers) are used to control the ledstrip negative. You might want to detail your problem and share pictures of the board and videos to explicit what is happening
Forum Gallery / Re: GREENIE: More reveal core goodness
« Last post by Megtooth Sith on December 05, 2019, 07:04:48 PM »
Greenie, you and Jediseth seem to really be mastering this.  Yours are shiny, his are weathered, but the chassis cores you guys are making are incredible!  Keep building man!

Lightsabers / Re: Sold: Vader's Vault Luke Hero Gen 1
« Last post by bubbahotep on December 05, 2019, 05:00:17 PM »
Saber sold. Mods please lock