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Wanted / WTB: Pair of Ahsoka sabers
« Last post by Exodus13 on Today at 07:55:41 PM »
Hello, looking to see what's available. Looking for a pair of Ashoka sabers from either series. Shoot me a PM thanks.
Repair Bays (Site Questions) / Neopixel blade warped
« Last post by Hoth_SIth on Today at 07:37:57 PM »
Hi ! I have bought a Revan rvs from ultimate works - patch store. The neopixel blade included was warped like 3/8 inchs in the middle.
I know i can contact them and have my 1 year warranty applied. But i was wondering if there is a simple diy way To straigten that thing by myself without sending it back in Hong kong.  Thanks
Thanks Erv, i have repalced the recharge port and when the board is seperate from the chasis still cuts off when tapped hard so im gonna say its ok, is there anything that can be done to improve conections of the sd card ?
possible things :
- SD card not seated well and moving / loosing contact with the holder
- kill pin of the recharge port moving and cutting power
Wanted / Re: Crystal focus v3 default package
« Last post by pipster79 on Today at 01:40:35 PM »
I've tried 4.3 as I have a 4.3 here. The config file must be different as it doesn't let me get into the menu
Hi Null, ill try get her open and get some pictures,shorts is something i checked for first i cant see anything obvious, battery is a 18650 hard wired
Questions/Comments / MR Vader aux switch help
« Last post by Darth Father on Today at 01:04:10 PM »
Hi guys I almost got my MR Custom Vader complete. My last issue is the aux switch. I have it in the clamp box with the ignition switch but I didn’t mount the ignition switch it was already installed from the previous owner who botched this thing and gave up. I have completely redone it. My issue is the switch keeps pushing back down into the clamp box. Before I screw something up I wanted some advice on how to keep it from moving. I attached some pictures of how it is setup.
Hi Suave Gav

What’s your install look like? Are you using a hardwired battery or a battery holder? Can you give us some photo’s? It definitely sounds like a short somewhere.

- Steve
Wanted / Re: Crystal focus v3 default package
« Last post by null on Today at 12:49:30 PM »
Hey pipster79

Did I you try the CF7 package from Plectar Labs site? It’s the “oldest” one Erv’s got up officially but it may be worth a shot.

- Steve